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I develop Android Apps and games. I play board games and I am an experienced GM in warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st and 2nd Ed). I am also painting and sculpting miniatures.
Yes that's right I am a freak - No mistake there. I am using this media to track my work and organise it a little.

It Lives, It Lives!

AppsPosted by Carsten Schwartz Apr 03, 2018 07:34
Yes that's rigth My TF700T Tablet Lives Once Again!

Recently my beloved tablet has gotten slow again even though I have rooted it and installed a custom rom that made it speedy. You cannot just install any App once you have installed a custom rom. I learned this the hard way. After installing som different browsers because I was tired of waiting on the slow Chrome experience, the tablet started rebooting at random and claiming that the start screen had stopped - Very Annoying!

I started thinking it was time to boot into recovery and reinstall the custom rom from the zips on the tablet. But I needed a good fast browser that had some kind of add/tracker blocking to give me a fast and seamless user experience. I fell over the Brave browser and away I went; wiped the tablet, installed the custom room from recovery and installed Brave as an experiment.

It is by far the best browsing experience I have had for a long time. Many sites pester you with commercials popups and all sort of time wasting crap, this browser simply ignores that and shows you the content instead of the waste. I highly recommend this product, I am not payed to write this, It is simply a quality product :-)

As an aside to all this glorification of a newly reborn tablet, I had to do it all over again because:

You must remember to select Do not auto update Apps in the settings of Google Play.

I forgot it in the first run but quicly discovered that the tablet got slower, because it updated the installed optimized Apps.

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