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I develop Android Apps and games. I play board games and I am an experienced GM in warhammer Fantasy Role Play (1st and 2nd Ed). I am also painting and sculpting miniatures.
Yes that's right I am a freak - No mistake there, I even exercise Ju-Jitsu twice a week too. I am using this media to track my work and organise it a little.

The Twisted state of App pricing...

AppsPosted by Carsten Schwartz Oct 21, 2016 23:11
After releasing my newest App on Google Play, I sat down and checked out the prices of similar Apps the other day. There was a lot of pricing set at $1-$2. A lot of them with inlaid commercials and in game purchases, my newest game do not have any of this.

Have I priced my newest release to high? Well, a lot of Apps spouting commercials and in game purchases, sells at around $1.5, free at first becomes an annoyance of commercials popping up and repeating questions asking you to buy this and that extension. These infinite requests for buying extras or reading commercials seems to be the business model of the day. Many people think that this is the normal order of things, and I started thinking I might have priced ro high...

But recently when I was having break at a café reading magazines it occurred to me that you easily buy a cup of coffee for more than the $3 I charge for my recent release and I had just bought two magazines at $7 a piece, with out thinking of the price. So buying a game at $3 where you will not get pestered by commercials and where the App won't be acting as a salesman for in game purchases is kind of cheap in my book.

So when things are very cheap, they are in fact annoyingly so...

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